Oviraptorid Rework and Proposals


Ovilophosaurus Rework

Ovilophomoloch Rework

Rinchicyon: Note: does not have Swap In Shattering Strike
Rinchicyon Rework

Ovi Titan:
Ovi Titan Proposal

Please do feel free to leave your feedback and show your proposal of Oviraptorid’s or Oviraptorid hybrid’s!

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Please no swap in for Rinchi. Otherwise they look good!



Also, by no swap for Rinchi, you mean change the Alert safety rampage to something else?

No, remove the swap in shattering strike


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I feel like ovi titan is WAY to overpowered especially with concentrating intimidatation


What do you suggest I do to fix it?

Ovilo (Legendary) without a shield doesn’t really make sense, since he gets that ability from his parent, styg. And I think it’s be wiser to bring back the Alert ability or at least something similar where if under 33% he does 100% distraction. Also with all his resistances having sidestep doesn’t really make sense since there’s not much to cleanse and because devious strike gives him his dodge

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Rinchicyon is part Fierce so it doesn’t need 100% Distraction Resistance


Unlike Ludia or JamCity, I’ve decided to listen to your feedback and nerf two Oviraptorids that you guys thought were either incorrect or too powerful for their own good. So here they are!:

Ovilophosaurus Change 1

Rinchicyon Change 1

Ovi Titan:
Ovi Titan Change 1

Please do leave your feedback and do leave your oviraptorids!


Ovilophomoloch without a shield doesn’t make sense. Every styg hybrid has a shielding attack or a priority shield. From moloch to Para to the flying dude they all have shields. Try replacing sidestep with a priority shield or something

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Ovmoloch has a Resilient Shielded Rampage and Run, so technically, it would count as a shielded move

Ah sorry… My brain didn’t register the word shield the first time round

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No worries, but I can completely agree with you with the fact that all stigy’s have a shielded and impact and run move. so I decided to give it a resilient shielded rampage and run move so it has the stigy’s gen 2’s shielding ability and it’s impact and run ability now a rampage and run move

Here’s a common Oviraptorid I decided to make
Oviraptor Gen 2

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Is it based off the Dominion one?

No, should it?

It should i guess

Okay, then Ovi gen 2 is based off the Ovi from dominion

Here’s Citipati. yes, that’s actually it’s name