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Owen Needs to Check Himself


We need a way to turn Owen off for a while. When going on long road trips, or traveling major highways, my fiancé and I switch off driving and playing. I stopped counting how many times Owen has cost us DNA, especially when trying to catch fringe dinosaurs (ones that are rare or epic and pass just barely inside the outer most radial points). If I tell him I’m a passenger, I’m a passenger. Can we put a “passenger mode” or something similar into the game that’ll turn him off? I understand it’s a safety feature, but have the “switch” reset if you log out, or the game goes idle. Some form of respite from his cautionary onslaught would be greatly appreciated by MANY players.

I love Owen...BEFORE this game

Owen shows up all the time, even when I’m standing still. It’s happened so often that these days I would occasionally find myself saying, “Go away, Starlord!” whenever he pops up. :sweat_smile:


I just yell “BURT MACKLIN, FBI!” whenever I see it. :rofl:


I just yell, “Burt Macklin, FBI!”, whenever it pops up. :rofl:


Lmao, too much. My son plays on my phone on the way to school. He’s made it his personal mission to try and “defeat” Owen at every turn. He snags drop crates and random dinosaurs every time right before Owen shows up. He can see Owen in the background as the drone launches, and I always feel a small amount of satisfaction myself as he yells, YES! Got him again! Haha, that’s my boy. :’)


My 8 year old sings “Dino Man, Dino Man, he’ll annoy you like no one can.”

While I think, Dude, if you were a tiny fraction as attentive to Claire you wouldn’t have gotten dumped.


Hahaha, you all are funny!

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What would be hilarious is this: what if Chris Pratt was actually among us, going incognito? LOL that would be hilarious just to see what Owen’s opinion on this topic might be…

It’s just a thought, as there are a lot of celebs who game. Jason Mewes (“Jay” of “Jay and Silent Bob” fame is an avid Fortnite gamer, even doing live streams on FB, for example…)

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Once you hit the I’m a Passenger button, it should stay off for like 30 minutes or something.



It doesn’t. Every time the car stops at a light, Starlord will make his appearance when the car starts moving again :rofl:

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I know. That is why I am saying that once you hit that button Owen shouldn’t appear again for a duration.

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I play by bicycle and as a passenger. I haven’t been in a car since the latest update, but while cycling Owen pops up every two minutes, even when I haven’t darted a dino! Before this update he only popped up shortly after opening the game and after darting a dino.

I have a Garmin Edge 500 bike GPS, and according to that I get the speed warning popup at about 9 mph.


Yeah, since the update, he’s definitely gotten worse. Makes me wonder if some idiot did something stupid and tried to go after Ludia. At first he was just an annoying cautionary reminder. Now it seems like a CYA thing for them.


I reread and just realized you meant it as a suggestion. My bad! :laughing:


Is it really that much of an inconvenience to tap the screen to clear the pop-up? I can’t imagine quitting a game over something like a one-second inconvenience. I do 99% of my hunting in a car, so I see it often. It’s pretty easy to know when it’s going to pop up and it’s not even a hassle at all. It’s obviously there to avoid lawsuits. Anyone who crashes a car while playing can’t blame Ludia since they did their part to deter you from playing while driving and also had you confirm that you’re not driving.

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I realize the warning is there to deter lawsuits, but does it really need to come up every two minutes? I’m not exaggerating.

I play games because they’re fun. Too many annoyances remove that fun. Being constantly reminded that we live in a sue-happy society isn’t fun either.


I think it’s more than an annoyance in that my stops and dinos won’t load when Owen’s about to come up, and then it takes a bit for them to load after I tell him that I’m a passenger. It’s not a terribly long time (though it feels like an eternity), but when hubby is flying down the road at around 60-70 mph, Owen is causing me grief and missed opportunities. I’d love a 30-minute cooldown on Owen.


I always say “Shut up, Chris Pratt!”

My RL friends that play this and my youngest son who helps me catch dinos when driving have started saying this now.


My favorite is where he pops up and the Join VIP pops up and totally freezes your game and then it takes you 15mins to restart and the dinosaur (usually an epic) has now disappeared! Just a highlight of my day! Happens at least once a day!