OWEN raptors DNAs missing


where to get the missing DNAs for Blue, Charlie and others? No incubator or purchase so far has come these DNAs.


Unfortunately, Ludia hasn’t done anything about it, so expect nothing… #rogered

-ECHO :frowning:


I’m sure they’ll bring them back at some point, as a lot of people (including myself) are missing DNA or completely missed out on the event. Unfortunately it’ll most likely be as an incubator (for money), but fingers crossed!



As of now there is an incubator that contains DNA for Delta, Echo, and Charlie, however there is no Blue.



Is the one on the bottom right a Charley, Delta and Echo incubator?


Yes, I bought it 3 times and got 1,000+ DNA for Echo and Delta (Echo is now level 10 and Delta is level 9), unfortunately I only got 44 Charlie DNA, and the rest was mainly para and the ankylosaurid that was up yesterday.


Great! My winner team! I’d like capture more Blue DNAs now to make the family complete. And…what’s the 101 dinossaur? Before the where Just 100 dinossaurs🤔


I haven’t been playing long (since Thursday), so I don’t know the update history, but it’s possible 101 was Indoraptor


Of course…the Indoraptor! The star of the Last JW movie…I’ll got it! Tank you!


I just checked the forum, no one knows for sure what it is, but here’s hoping it’s something good.

Also you’re welcome :smile:


Is there looking to be any chance to get the missing DNA for Blue at all? I was so close to getting her.


Most likely yes, as I stated above tons of people didn’t get her, so it would be stupid of Ludia to not bring her back in some form (most likely an incubator) as it would definitely bring in a lot of money as she is a fan-favorite character (who also happens to be exceedingly strong in this game).


Why oh why did I buy that incubator? I wanted raptors, I got 292 for Charlie and 163 for Echo. What a rip off! The +50% is VIP only. With instant invisibility not working half the time and often feeling conned, I’m starting to dislike this game :frowning:


Awesome brother! I was hoping to buy it twice as well! I haven’t gotten any DNA but 70 from Echo, so I’m hoping to do all raptors


So far I only have Echo and Delta, but hopefully I’ll get another chance to get Blue and Charlie, as raptors are OP in this game.

Plus it’s Blue, clearly I like her a lot lol


If you were upset about the amount of DNA you received, it was because I bought the incubator multiple times. :woman_shrugging: If not please explain why, I bought this incubator because I love the raptor squad, however I do not usually spend money on app games, and I really want to know if it’s generally worth it to spend a few hundred on an epic incubator, as, based on other posts, I’ll be extremely tempted to in the future.

On a side note I do agree that this game needs some serious polishing, they’ve got a good foundation, but there needs to be some serious changes such as giving us an insensitive to buy and keep V.I.P (besides the battery and extra loot), and I would like to see some social changes as well…