Owen Raptors from Battle Incubators?


I didn’t see any thread for this, but if this topic already exists this thread can be deleted/merged/fed to the trex.
I just opened a 12 hr battle incubator and was greeted to DNA for these two lovelies:

I already had Delta and Echo from their event but this was enough DNA to take them up a level and have a bunch of DNA left over. It’s probably safe to assume that Charlie is also available in battle-bators, particularly 12s. I only wonder if Blue is available this way. If not in 12s then maybe the super epic 24 hr ones? Has anyone else got Owen raptor DNA from battle?


The 12h & 24h incubators are just the same as simple rare & epic incubator sale in the shop.

I also got one of the rare Owen’s raptor DNA from 12h incubator; and got some Blue DNA from last level up 1 time offer.
So I think all raptor squad members are available for 12h/24h incubators now.