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Owen's raptor all lvl 30 epic strike plan


Hi everyone, so Saturday it seems we will fight the owen’s raptor. It’s still not clear how many we are facing but I supposed that we will be against 3 of the 4.

Already plan almost every scenario without blue in it. Only in one of those my team doesn’t make it so I will wait to see what happens with others people to adjust.

Stats of strike dinos:

Hp 2553
Dmg 1727
Speed 129

Hp 2918
Dmg 1508
Speed 131

Hp 3282
Dmg 1581
Speed 128

Hp 3647
Dmg 1398
Speed 131
Armor 10%

The team for now:

Stegodeus lvl 21
Tragodistis lvl 22
Raptor lvl 20
Dracoceratop lvl 20

How it would go it’s that I start with stegodeus then adapt.

If Charlie or echo
Stegodeus kills one of them,

for Charlie, thago, rampage is enough.

For echo, superiority, shields, superiority, rampage. (Echo has cleansing, so thago first is not recommended if you want to do maximum damage)

Another dino comes in

Swap to dracocera
Ia kills him with pounce

Raptor finishes the ia with pounce or strike depending of the remaining hp

Raptor strike once the last dino and dies

Trago finishes what left of the left dino

This plan doesn’t work if delta starts and swap to echo or at least for what I calculate ^^

Edit: this team works too finally with one more level for dracocera ^^

If blue is in it, I will swap trago I think for suchotator :slight_smile:

If you have any ideas to help everyone, don’t hesitate to share :slight_smile:


Apparently it’s four of them so I’ve read


Yeah I know we will see ^^ if they are 4 I don’t have a chance I think x)


Here’s my plan:
Nodopatotitan lvl 20
Thoradolosaus lvl23
Alankylosaurus lvl 20
Dracoceratops lvl 21

Start with Nodopatotitan - bellow, then long protection, then decelerating impact/SS. Dies
Use Thor to finish of the raptor

Thor use Instant Charge on the next raptor
Then swap in Alank

Alank use long invincibility, then SS,
Make sure Alank last move is SS before dying.

Thor finished off the raptor

Thor use Instant Charge On the next raptor
Use Draco to finish

…unless Delta impact and run.

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Sounds like a cool strike tower


Delta always uses impact and run in second turn after pounce

Was thinking of nodo too and alanky but I dont have them at that lvl sadly.

You are depending of 2 stuns right ?


Yes. I hope the instant charge will stun so I can swap. If not, I will get at least one hit and hope the raptor doesn’t get a crit then I can still swap.


As long as you can kill Delta before he uses Impact and run it will basically only be 3 of them.
I say only but with Blue in the team it’s going to be a challenge still? Even if you do stop Delta before he can run away.


If blue starts

Suchotator, bleed, ID , any skill and both dies

Delta enters,
Go with raja or dioraj, pinning strike
Instant invincibility

Swap to dracocera, delta dies

Any of the remaining 2 comes and kills dracocera

Go with stegodeus 21 or trago 21 - 22 and kill the third dino



Tryko for Blue, IC and Instant Invincibility then DSS or DSR.


It works too if you have him x) (yeah I dont…)


Damn, but Sucho can be problematic. Blue can start shield first or Pounce first.


25 Tryko and 27 Stegod for me… probably one of the rats since normal swapping on high damage critters is not great.

On the fence between 25 Trag and 27 Tenonto for my 3rd main battler.

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Trag can tank more but you’re good with those 2 already I think, didn’t run the math though

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Problematic if blue crit else it’s good and they both die. Don’t have other solution than tryko


Seems safe, but I’ve had towers go crazy with crits. Like 6 in a row from 5% creatures. I always assume a crit when crunching the possibilities.

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I don’t even think about crit, I will not have a chance so ^^’

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Some of these towers are way to hard for some of us. No way to win, it really should appear differently for line ups. But yeah my plan is to just get wrecked and say at least I tried.


For me it’s kinda just

Hope I get lucky with Indominus and Indoraptor dodges lmao

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So one thing I am considering is ‘weathering’ Delta using Alankylo. Because he’s just going to Pounce/I&R, perhaps it is easier to swap in Invincibility then go for Superiority strike to gain an advantage on the next dinosaur in. From there you can use Long Invincibility, then superiority strike and rampage for ~4x base damage.That way Delta’s only really done an I&R but I’ve managed to land good damage on the next dinosaur.

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