Owens raptors


Seen as though it’s the raptor week event Im interested to know which of Owens raptors people are putting time into building up. Personally I’m mainly focusing on Charlie I’ve got him at 13 close to 14 so far and this is before his event day this week. The problem with blue is that around my area I’ve never seen blue in the wild, only in events. and tbh being the epic would of thought blue would have a lot more about her and be better than even the common raptor.


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Only focusing on Velociraptor and Pyroraptor, there’s no point in building up the others tbh.


+gallimimus. Do not forget it it is arguably more important then raptor since its an arena 8 exclusive and non wild dinosaur


Well first of all blue is the best nonhybrid raptor. No doubt on that. Secondly, i wouldnt recommend going for any of the owens raptors. Gallimimus and velociraptor are the targets during common days, erlikosaurus and ornithomimus will get a potential hybrid soon so focus them on the rare days as a speculation (i highly doubt and of owens raptors getting a hybrid.(although if indoraptor wsnted blue instead of velociraptor it wouldnt be too inaccurate but it wants velociraptor so nothing to see here)) and during epic days,go for pyro since pyrrittor is really strong. If you arent going for legendary hybrids blue is ok too


I have pirrator took me a lot of pain staking 10dna to finally get it.
Is the gallamimus hybrid any good I’ve a Galla at 13 but dna to take it mid 14


I just want to see how far I can take one tbf Charlie looks the better with crit hit. There not in my team but I never say never.


If you have monoloph level 15 and dna to spend on monoloph it is actually kinda good. Nullifies distracts and evades. Decent damage and health. Faster than average and immune.i personally prefer monostegotops but if i had 500 more monoloph i would go and create it. It is worth it


Fare do’s …


And pyrritor is already really good with 2 rampages and r2c in case 2 rampages arent enough and it goes for a better hybrid magnapyritor. So definitely go for the pyroraptor


Yer the monostego is my route at the moment so close to landing him. But cool maybe in future I’ll try out the monoloph.

What I’d love to see is a hybrid involving the Tanycolagreus one of my favourite Dino.


Stigycollagreus or tanymoloch or better yet a concollagreus (with concavenator) but i assure you %99 that if tany gets a hybrid it will be a legendary. Tany already is the strongest common


Sorry ment I’ll try out monominus in future.


Yes defo It’s a beast already ive noticed a few top 10 ranked with him in there squad with him at 27s must be a nightmare to tackle. I’ve got him at 15 but enough dna to take him to at least 19 it’s hard but I’m holding back on levelling him up more in hope 15 is the fuse level for the hopeful hybrid.


I prefer the Pyroraptor to Blue honestly. Yes it’s slower, but I find the greater damage output more beneficial. I’m not a big fan of using a raptor in a slugging match, it doesn’t sit well in my mind. With her higher health, armour and shield, Blue can hold her own but with a raptor I’m more of a quick kills sort of player, which means her special abilities are sort of wasted.


In higher tiers, no raptor can 1shot another dino. Maybe another raptor but thats it. Blue’s abilities are just enough to use pounce twice before dying,which is big


None of the really. I have them all just for the collection but I prefer the basic velociraptor.


It not on par with indoraptor but he has evasive stance which makes it hard to get hit and also immunity.


The nullify one is it echo?? He wrecks Indom hard powering him up as a side project


Yer that really what I’m doing with Charlie