Owen's Raptors

From the movies we know that Owen’s Raptors are great teamworkers, and together they are a force to be reckoned with.

In the game… meh… Even Blue, with a leading role in the movies, is useless at higher arenaes. This is a shame!

I would not like hybrids Owen’s Raptors, I would like them to be strong in a similar way as in the movies.

Ideally they should be able to fight together against a bigger and stronger enemy. You could bring on two raptors at the same time. They could attack and receive damage in turns, maybe with some randomness included.

Another possibility is special swap moves that only work between Owen’s Raptors.


I thoight what if they’ll get some bonuses for being in team. For example if all the 4 raptors are in team, every Owen’s raptor gets new ability, which will give them 1 turn invincibility when they can’t take any damage. That’s just example, of course it doesn’t have to be so strong, can be something like “Gain 20% HP for each Owen’s raptor in team.”

That would be verry cool and nice, of this would happen then the raptors are finaly useful