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P R E D A T O R S , 5/4 alliance recruiting

Got two more spots to fill hopefully before new set of mission starts , if you’re intrested let us know asap​:+1::grin:

I’m looking for a new alliance. Play daily, level 16. Donate what I can. Have sent you a friend request ingame.

Sent inv. :+1::+1:

Sorry for the deleted post, learning to use these forums :slight_smile:

Husband and I are looking for a very active guild, we play daily, battle frequently, and always complete our daily missions. Old guild was good, but had trouble reaching 4/3. They were good peeps, no complaints, we’re just looking for more - 5/4 or 5/5.

We currently rank 3740 and 4204, levels 15 and 16.

Please let me know if we sound like a good fit.

Sounds good, are you rdy to join our discord asap and provide what were asking for , a few ss weekly?:+1::thinking:

Yes, we’re ready to go! Question, though, what do you need screenshots of?

Basically just you completing your DBI and daily missions, a couple of times per week👍

Sweet, ok, sounds good. :slight_smile:

Heya, searching for an active guild. Im lvl 20 and hoovering around 5200-5500. Playing everyday 2-6 houers.

Hey, give me your tag or simply request to join and you got a spot👍

Nice mate, my In gametag is pepi78#7930. Il leave my inactive guild and join yours. Peter

Sad to lose you Pep, just wish we had better tools for monitoring inactive players

Once again recruiting for the new week , got 1 open spot as of now, awesome week ahead with irri as reward!:star_struck::ok_hand:, be rdy to join our discord to provide a few ss of your weekly activity


Recruiting more active players , got 2-3 more spots to fill for the next week , we are currently 5/4, all we require from you is to join our discord to post few pics of your activity :grin::+1:

Recruiting a few more active players asap (2 spots) currently :facepunch:!

Just requested to join, under almightypepe98. Active at least 2x a day, just got back after 2 years.

Sent you an inv👊

Recruiting once again, need 4 active players asap!


Looking to fill a few more spots asap, all we require from you is to join our discord and show a few ss weekly of your DBI and daily missions completed, thats it


10/9 alliance looking to recruit two active players asap(if you love battling thats a huge +), we also have two lvl 20 sancs available,

What we want from you
Be active on our discord, post pics weekly on it, of your completed DBI and daily missions
Follow our rules, most important one being, don’t put your own random stuff in the high lvl sancs, as those are shared with multiple other alliances :+1: