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P R E D A T O R S , 5/4 alliance recruiting

Got two more spots to fill hopefully before new set of mission starts , if you’re intrested let us know asap​:+1::grin:

I’m looking for a new alliance. Play daily, level 16. Donate what I can. Have sent you a friend request ingame.

Sent inv. :+1::+1:

Sorry for the deleted post, learning to use these forums :slight_smile:

Husband and I are looking for a very active guild, we play daily, battle frequently, and always complete our daily missions. Old guild was good, but had trouble reaching 4/3. They were good peeps, no complaints, we’re just looking for more - 5/4 or 5/5.

We currently rank 3740 and 4204, levels 15 and 16.

Please let me know if we sound like a good fit.

Sounds good, are you rdy to join our discord asap and provide what were asking for , a few ss weekly?:+1::thinking:

Yes, we’re ready to go! Question, though, what do you need screenshots of?

Basically just you completing your DBI and daily missions, a couple of times per week👍

Sweet, ok, sounds good. :slight_smile:

Heya, searching for an active guild. Im lvl 20 and hoovering around 5200-5500. Playing everyday 2-6 houers.

Hey, give me your tag or simply request to join and you got a spot👍

Nice mate, my In gametag is pepi78#7930. Il leave my inactive guild and join yours. Peter

Sad to lose you Pep, just wish we had better tools for monitoring inactive players

Once again recruiting for the new week , got 1 open spot as of now, awesome week ahead with irri as reward!:star_struck::ok_hand:, be rdy to join our discord to provide a few ss of your weekly activity


Recruiting more active players , got 2-3 more spots to fill for the next week , we are currently 5/4, all we require from you is to join our discord to post few pics of your activity :grin::+1: