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P v p very problem

In this day is very difficoult…play to battle…you have same problem?

What is jackviaggiante problem with PVP?

Error connession every game…block annd loose many points

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Hello, @Jackviaggiante. I noticed that you are still having the same problem as your previous post and I’m sorry to hear about this. Have you submitted a ticket to our support team? If you haven’t already, please contact them at Don’t forget to include your support key to speed up locating your account in our system. Thank you!

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I gather Jack is referring to the issue your team has yet to solve.

Attempting to break into a new tier, for me is 4,000, has been to date very difficult, with these rash of disconnects, game resets etc in the middle of battle, IMPOSSIBLE

PS : To be fair, they happen all throughout gameplay, they’re just not as crippling,