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P2W destroys competitive gaming

Now feel free to ban me once again because I said something everyone knows and still people buy boosts, incubators, gold coins and complain about the unfair match making of JWA. You are part of the problem.


If there were other ways for Ludia to generate the money needed to continue keeping the game going I would be right with you.

Sadly I don’t know any other way they can do it without offering a store selling products to tempt people with, so it is what it is.

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They could use ads to get money


Nobody really wants an ad popping up while they’re darting a Dino or fighting a battle


Well maybe when you finish a battle or finish darting or exit the sanctuary you could receive ads. many will not like it but its better than players buying stuff for money. Also, the ads should earn them more money than they do now

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Ludia after reading this:


No adds, thanks. Played enough games will adds constantly popping, that I don’t want to see them in jwa, except for speeding up incubators.

On raid days many of us going from one lobby to another or in battle for incubators. On tournament days those of us that play them competitively, battle few hours straight. There is no time for annoying adds during that time.

With grinding difference to top players isn’t so big. All you need to invest as F2P player is time.


Welcome to the real world, companies have to make money and ad revenue for games isn’t as lucrative as you seem to think. I think what ruins games is people who wont pay to play them and even though the game allows you to play and be competitive without paying still complain nonstop.


Anyone wanting ads in a game haven’t played a game where the developer lived off the ads in their games on top of having pay to progress elements in a store with tons of bundles.
It’s an ad nightmare.

Please, just no. No, no, no.


They could make the game super fun and relatively balanced and then make it a paid game(nah who am I kidding that’s a terrible idea at least for jwa)



That would be the worst thing they could do for this game. I just think of all the slots games I’ve played on Tapjoy and there is an ad every 5 min or so and it is the most annoying thing in the world. That would drive even more players away and that’s the last thing they want.


Yeah no ads please. I’d rather face overboosted creatures than get ads every 2 seconds.


It’s simple, don’t ever fix your goal to be the top player in the world, and simply enjoy the game as it is for a grinder like most of us. The game is still fun, you simply have to keep in mind that Gyrosphere is pretty much the ultimate goal for us. And simply aim to eventually get all the dinos for your dream team in the process. The game as also improved a lot with alliance missions, tournaments, etc, so that now, it doesn’t even take two years anymore to get there for a beginner. Let those who can afford paying keep the game free (or almost in my case) for us. I’m glad they can, and personally thank them for it!


Better forget that this game could be played in a competitive way. Nothing is made to be fair so competition has no value. The top of the leaderboard is always made up of those who have spent the most money or played the longest time, which is probably the same thing.

Ludia maintains this illusion by proposing rankings and tournaments but sincerely, whether you are successful or not changes almost nothing. Ludia doesn’t value these performances in any way. Even if you win a tournament, no one but you and your few friends in the game or your alliance will remember it.

From that point on, consider this game as simple entertainment. As an F2P you will never be number 1 but you can progress and have fun anyway, don’t look for competition where Ludia doesn’t want it.

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There are plenty of arenas you can be competitive in.
You just need to know your weight class.


That’s utter nonsense. I’d gladly pay for playing this game (no free download) or at least a one time fee to have access to raids, tournaments etc. And get rid of the bought boosts… but no… some people want a free to download game and just buy what they need. In other words: you can’t blame people for not wanting to pay for certain items (especially if the item itself is ruining this game to begin with!) you also downloaded this game for free. Just make it payed (one time or like vip fixed amount monthly) for full acces. And drop the stupid boosts that are easily grindable for small pay ruining the game altogether.

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Who said anything about blaming people for not wanting to pay? You can grind for free, what you cant do is expect the game designers to make a level playing field for free players and pay players because they aren’t making a game because the hope you’ll really love it they’re making it to make money. This isnt a situation where you cant play the game without paying and in spite of the complaints you can be competitive for free but you don’t deserve to be on equal terms if you’re not willing to pay. Too many people with their hand out, every day “more free coins” “more free DNA” “its unfair that some people spend money”… it’s not unfair, its reality, you cant ask a company to not care about making money and you cant expect them to have 0 incentive to spend money. Pay a little or don’t, pay a lot or dont, stop expecting the workd will always slant your direction


Just how much do you think they would charge for that… Keep in mind some players have no problem paying $13/month basically, just to have 50m more in range… They can sell stuff for incredible prices. Somehow, I don’t think a one time fee or monthly fee would be cheap…

I also don’t see how forcing a monthly fee to pay makes the plight of the f2p player better… it eliminates them and probably 99% of the player base in general.


Lol “forcing” who mentioned forcing? I said that another option to make money is by having a basic version for F2P players and a full version for paying players. Meaning either access to stuff like tournaments or other (more) PvP arena’s. It’s common for many games. Has nothing to do with forcing people to pay. No more than you’re practically forced to buy boosts. In return boosts should go. Simple as that.