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P2W destroys competitive gaming

The fact the some people still think mobile companies need pay to win to still make money in 2020. Makes me laugh. You literally can’t be farther from the truth.

But how else can they make money if there not selling in game progression or advantages?

The 1.5 billion dollars that pubg mobile made in 7 months this year shows not only does not selling power allow you to still make money but significantly more because you don’t lose players sick of losing to those that just pay more.

You know what they sell, skins… because skins make serious money. MOBAs are literally an entire genre of free to play games that make money off of skins. Same with most battleground games.

And they don’t even half to be crazy skins… they could be but they could just as easy be basic color variations. Frontier has like 7 of them for just about every dinosaur in Jurassic world evolution.

And with skins you don’t get the problems and playerbase divisions boosts bring.

All that said… boosts aren’t going anywhere their to entwined in the basic gameplay and the top spenders are to invested in the system to expect that to change.

Ludia has been increasing the amount of boosts we could earn per week significantly as well which helps with the power gap.

Ultimately if losing to someone who has spent more money to you bothers you so much. It may be time to look for an alternative.


You really think f2p players would rather get half the game than grind? Goodluck with that.


i’ve said it before, but i would pay money for skins. it doesn’t take away from anything, but adds in a bit of fun/ humor for those that enjoy that kind of thing.
case and point. Monster Hunter World’s Layered armor. It literally is just a skin over top of what your real armor is. but it adds a cohesive look when you’re using 4 different looking armors. or you get things like this…


Welcome to a ____ guide to DnD.

Interesting… didn’t know you speak on behalf of all the f2p players. Surely not the ones in any of my alliances anyway. Also: as you can read here there are many F2P players more than willing to pay for things. Just not the things they have to pay for now. Having an extra arena, entering a special tournament or using skins … al perfectly reasonable things to add to this game without differentiating player performance.

why was this hidden? LOL


As long as I have an option to NOT see any form of skin when I battle someone, sure. Let them view their own skins, I don’t need to see a rainbow Thor, thank you.


Cmon ludia just add the fight AI button permanently then you can sell boosts and stuff up matchmaking all you want


This talk of skins would just make the game farcical.

My lad plays Fortnite and showed me his collection of 168 skins the other night. Everything from a banana character to an apple and everything you could imagine.

The one thing very few people complain about with this game is the graphics and dinosaur depiction. Giving players the option to customise their dinos would lead to ridiculous looking creatures that would ruin one of the best bits of the game.

While on this subject I should add that Fortnite, Apex etc…,offer loot boxes for cash too that significantly increase your power with unique weapons and upgrades.




That shows perfectly why it’s such a bad idea!


I love this one :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Pay to Win is the problem. Not the toxic players who beg for others hardwork to be thrown away. Not players asking this to be Jurassic World Advertising. Not players asking for the game to be a mix of ugly creatures which look different but function the same.

Skins are something i wouldnt buy but I wouldnt fault Ludia selling them if it makes players happy.

There are many ways to make money but interrupting game play with ads isnt one of them.

If you dun want to pay then dun. If you dun support the game then dun. Others will so that is their choice.

Skins would be fine so long as they are realistic skins and not something silly


JWA kinda missed the boat on that one already :wink:

Ludia staff 1 "hey @Dimodactylus just gave a joke saying that there will be ads for boost while in a battle "

Ludia stuff 2 “what did you say”

Ludia stuff 1 and 2 looking at 3

Ludia stuff 3 (the designer) “shhhhh I am working on it”

You never know things
Like Jeff always says
Ludia finds a way (to spoil the game)


Every little girl’s dream

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The way for everyone to be satisfied is to make 2 categories in the game so that the players face each other, the arenas would remain the same, the only thing that would change is that in category 1 there are those who pay with real money, and in category 2 the That they play for free, that would solve the confrontations and it would be a more fair and even game for everyone, Ludia knows who plays for free and who pays to play, but look at the tournament leaderboard and always the first 10 are those who have already bought everything there was to buy, just do it and you will see that everyone will be satisfied.

Of course not.
Ludia wants the free to play players to be convinced to start paying. Keeping them separate will never achieve this goal.

I would run thor just for that :rofl: :rofl: