P2W is insane


Anyone else avoid battling after Fallen Kingdom because of how bad the matchmaking is? So obviously pay to win its disgusting. I mean yeah its a free mobile game but at least Pokemon Go gave you a chance to win without having to spend $10 a month plus extra for epic items. Like cmon guys quit being like EA and make the game more skill based.


Are you implying you can’t get past arena 2 with out paying? Didn’t even run into to much P2W till badlands. Even then it doesn’t impact play to always lose to them exp in 1-2 arena. You want to talk about skill? You’re welcome to not simply play or create a Nerf raptor thread like the rest of the nubs.


Oh yeah Pokémon Go didn’t take skill at all, tapping your screen reptively with only two optional moves at a time against a cpu raid boss that was a extreme face roll. More then half the player base used scanners and spoofed. Till this day spoofing still active. There’s no competitive nature in the game except the ones the player base create them selfs. Such as stacking exp past 40, what’s the point exactly? Who knows…


F2P player, played since the official release and I’m in the 6th arena. I play in transports when I go and come back from work. Sometimes I go to the park after work and I do some walk in the weekends if I have time. Only play arena when I need incubators.

You don’t need skill for this game, but use your brain a little. If you struggle against an ennemy, find and play the counter. I often beat better teams than mine.


Lol people defending this game like they did with BF2. Its P2W. Look up the definition if you dont believe me. End of story.


You have no experience in the game by your own admission, and you’ve got the audacity to berate and dismiss these people for telling you how it is?

You don’t deserve the informative responses you got. Either play the game for longer than a day or two, or move on; the community here seems to be a generally good one, but they don’t owe you anything.


I said i avoided playing after a while because of the p2w mechanic that is clearly putting the highest bidder at the top of the leaderboards. Have fun with your luck based “strategy game” with an AwEsOme CoMMuNiTY lmao.


If your view of the leaderboards extends to just past the Fallen Kingdom arena, then you simply do not have the skill required to play this “skill-less” game, as you call it - which is confounding, since Pokemon Go essentially takes no skill whatsoever, but is your preference.

Good luck in your next venture. This “AwEsOme CoMMuNiTY” could do to have less negativity like yours. End of story.


Gonna go ahead and say no, you’re just not playing well enough to battle higher then fallen kingdom. I’m level 7, almost completely through nublar jungle, and I’ve not spent a single dime on this game.


Free to play player here, level 8, with a mixed team of common, rare and epic dinosaurs at average level 13, currently on arena 6 with 2822 trophies. Same as some above me, I usually beat teams that are a bit higher level than myself. I remember climbing up to arena 3 with just common dinosaurs of low level back when I was starting. It DOES require skill but you can play without spending money. You won’t be on the top 50 list but you can do a lot as a F2P player. If all you want is having the highest score of all the game… then don’t complain you have to spend money for that, lol


I would love to hear from you once you hit top 100. THEN we can start discussing p2w; even then you’re still completely wrong. Any dinosaur you can buy = one you can hunt by playing the game. Sure, Paying just ensures you you will get it earlier than anyone else; in the long run anyone can obtain any dinosaur by playing the actual game, thus your pay 2 win argument is invalid. I can not buy stats other players can’t achieve if they just play the game; no JWA is not p2w. It is pay 2 progress faster… Or how i like to call it: pay 2 not play the actual game. The game is about catching dinosaurs by going outside. Go outside, breath some fresh air and catch some dinosaurs… It will do you good.


Really, p2w argument isnt invalid. U just nailed it, „progress faster“, as this means getting to higher levels faster (and the coins to evolve?!) and higher level means more initiative when meeting same enemy dino, sooo…

PS: U have some „high-level“ (for me) dinos. I am far away from these levels but its already quite expensive to evolve. So u didnt buy some coins to get all these high levels?


I too am a “play every day, never spent a dime” player. Highest rank I ever hit was 233, but now I have more trophies and am not even in the top 500. There are certainly more players that have to have paid to have their dinos the levels they are at, but then I think about how matchmaking is based on trophies and these p2w players are still only matching with me. Levels will certainly help, but there is a great deal of strategy. I think it’s fun being the underdog, especially when you win against a team of level 20s.

When I open my next incubator I’ll have enough coins to lvl my velociraptor. I’ve only had to “save up” once or twice to level a dino, since most are still fairly low and collecting enough DNA for those specifically is few and far between.


This is obviously a VIP account, so it’s already paid to get this dinos. And if we calculate how much you need to evolve all this dinos (all these 18-20 levels) and divide it to 30 (or how many days the game is realised), I’m sure we’ll get some more then a day coin limit. So even to get these dinos you have to pay.


Well…it has traits of Pay to Win, but it can be played quite well without paying. Sometimes you meet a Pay to Win Player…but you can even beat them.
But yes…Ludia could weaken the VIP benefits!


I started in beta so i already have a head start compared to others. My forum account is 34 days old and i was already playing by that time.

And once again; you don’t have to ‘pay’ for them if you read my post properly. Again; if you pay in JWA you pay to progress faster. Anyone is able to get any dinosaur without having to pay for anything; paying for coins,… Just makes you progress faster. I also get extra cash / day compared to a non-VIP so i do buy extra coin in the form of speeding up incubators. Im not saying 50€ incubators are over-priced but here i simply say; just don’t buy it and play the game. Those dinosaurs can be caught in the wild; you don’t have to buy them in an incubator lul. Thats the actual game; catching things in the wild.

I happen to buy just VIP since i like the game and i dont mind spending only 10€ a month on a virtual game im enjoying and spending loads of time on. Same goes for PoGo; spend an incubator left and right to speed up the progress. If even that is the point players are already complaining about i guess you’re just a cheapskate and you need to quit playing f2p games, forever. Again; i get double the coin capacity / day than a non-vip… So i can evolve double as much dinosaurs than any non-VIP can… So i progress faster. It is a free to play game; you can’t expect everything to be free. There are people on the other side with families too who need food, drinks, a house, a job, money,… at the end of the day just like you and me.

Does that make me win all the time? Am i ‘Oh so OP’ now? No, absolutely not. I still lose battles because my opponents outsmart me with other dinosaurs. Arena 7 AI still brutally slays and kicks my ass every day since it has level 27 dinosaurs. But that doesn’t make me quit and i go out even more when i can to catch more. I still lose to other players who put in way more time than me they already have legends, they outlevel me left and right. You people need to get you can’t be #1 all the time, instantly. Go look at the top 200 and look back at my deck. You will be glad to be matched with me vs other players. Every dinosaur has a max level at some point; so… Again. It is not pay 2 win; i can buy faster progress but anyone can get at this point if they spend a little more time into the game. And if you actually like the game spend a little bit of money on it as well; totally not necessary in the long run but it helps the developers to create even more content and an awesome game. Again; free to play… No money = no game AT ALL. Games like these are very unforgiving for those who can’t spend either loads of time (and not pay) or a little money (which ‘saves’ me time) in the form of VIP and still quite some playtime. I play minimum 2h a day at least, every day. No, not only from inside my house. Those 2h are by going outside actively hunting dinos. If you even can’t spend that amount on games like these; i will guarantee you you will have a very long time ahead. It is a pure grind game like any other; so go grind or go home. Go outside, EVERY day and come back in a month. Show me the progress. Thats how you get things done in JWA.


It’s always funny for me to read noob posts in the forum. I sometimes forget that I got to play the beta for so long, and these guys are just starting out. There are so many posts from people who seem to have only been playing for a day, maybe a week, with a complaint list as long as my… arm. It makes me roll my eyes, a lot. It’s like they know exactly how to “fix” the game. It’s like, the game is fine, we went through a ton of changes before, you are seeing the polished version.

Remember when there were real issues, like dumb AI that would constantly swap dinos instead of attacking, sometimes not being able to select certain moves, and pounce didn’t have a debug so raptors were useless?


Pal i think youre getting too triggered about hi comment. Tbh what he’s saying I’ve experienced to. It’s annoying when you have to grind to get a epic dinosaur by finding multiple and someone can have like 6 because they spent money. I know some common and rare are good but compared to the epic. They don’t do to well


people have trouble understanding what p2w is

Let’s try to simplify, if I spend $ 10,000 now and at least know the very basics of the game I’m going to rekt everyone else who plays the game for months with a all free account?

if the answer is yes, it is a p2w game


Yes it is. If your dinos are at 14-16 level and you used all the coins you earned wisely and evolved only good ones to battle and you face someone with 20-23 level at arena because he has coins to evolve them all, he payd $10.000 there’s nothing you can do against him. Even if he uses the simplest moves and changes his dinos he will win. That happend to me.

I have tons DNA, I walk everyday and hunt every dino. I find at least 4-5 epic everyday and I hit coin limit everyday. But I face players that have payed and evolved dinos and they win.

So it pure p2w game