P2Win is a fallacy


I have paid allot of money into the game and still can’t get a legendary or unique dinosaur! Every damm time I buy an incubator all I get is dna for nothing! Rare dna for gen 2 useless dinosaurs and drips of epic that also does nothing


You are not buying the correct things then xd


Or maybe you should get out there and actually hunt some dinosaurs?


Paid a lot but without legendary/unique? That doesn’t make sense.
Actually they sold 4x legendary incubators. So if you really paid a lot, you should at least get them.
Or you just not paid as much as you said.:thinking:


I didn’t start paying until after the legendaries! I started paying when the trex incubators came out


Well, I have started when T-Rex incubators were on sale, I didn’t pay a penny and I still have pretty much most of the epics and rares. Ok, I am really struggling to level them up, so I am simply picking carefully what to choose and currently I am at 2900ish, thinking that those levels don’t matter that much.