Pachycephalosauridae Suggestion

Something I’ve been thinking about for some time is giving the Pachycephalosauridae in the game (Pachycephalosaurus, Stygimoloch, Stygimoloch Gen 2, Dracorex, Dracorex Gen 2, Dracoceratops, Utarinex) a small change. Since Pachycephalosauridae used their domed heads to head butt their enemies, why not give them a swap-in head butt? I think it’d make them stand out more. Let me hear your thoughts about this idea.


I like the idea. specail ability for the line.
why carbocera gets it, i’ll have no idea.


Pachy needs to improve. I agree with that!

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Perhaps we have enough SIAs for now.
On Escape Headbutt could work.
The stun would still be useful on counter-attackers.

I thought Pachy already had this move as a swap in.

Nope, it’s currently exclusive to Carbotoceratops.

Ah ok I will admit I was wrong. Got it mixed up.

It would make a great deal of sense. On Escape Headbutt is also a good idea @Qaw

or new ability. on entry head butt. (opposite of on escape abilities)
does not activate when picking a new dino after one goes down. (that would be silly)

Interesting idea, though I’d prefer a SIA instead of an on escape. Maybe split it and give some an on escape, while the rest has a SIA.