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Pachycephalosaurus is available in today's epic strike!


Definitely testing this one in some friendlies today!


Wow, that is awesome! I have not found any Pachy DNA yet but let me know what your thoughts are on it in battle.

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Pfft. All I got was concavenator and rajasaurus. yuck.


I got 100% all pure Sino, so I loved this!

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I got Gryphosuchus :disappointed:


Heard about pachy. Was hoping for it
Got just koola and 70 pyro. Could been worser i think :see_no_evil:


Lucky you! Congrats! I got almost 300 dna of concavenator…pfff…


Can you offer some tips on how to beat this tower. I’ve gotta work all day and don’t have time to strategise a plan. I like the master towers better on the weekend.
And where are the leaked tower pics I’m not sure who was doing that but it was really handy.


I’m interested in seeing a playthrough too and any advice. I’m only a level 14, not super experienced and don’t have a lot of the exotic hybrids yet (love my stegoceras, gorgosuchus and alinosino whatever it is). I figure you need immune dinos…


These guys are killable by chompers or bleeders… no swaping for me was a pretty easy fight…
Started with 23 thor… got whou down to 1500… 19 spinotah came in finished it with critical… got a lethal on spino… then swapped to a 20 tyrannoloph… by the time sino killed it it had bleed out

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Saweet! Can’t wait to add it to the collection.


Thanks! Yeah, I don’t have those awesome blenders and chompers yet, except 16/17 trex and suchotator! Maybe swapping the sucho in and out. I’ll give it a go!


Don’t forget to use Instant distraction with your Tator… Let them bleed…


353 frigging Pteradon DNA… and 23 Stygi…


Just noticed packy is Lockwoods new featured dino.

…bout to drop back a stage, I’m too high as is…


I got 30 anky and the rest erilko :grinning:


Got brachio and alanqa…