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Pachyderm battle

Since we know they will add more elephants into the game in the future let’s who would win between the Woolly mammoth and the American mastodon, the titians of the ice age. (Ps, they will be bulls in there prime)

Contender #1: Mammuthus primigenius: The Wolly Mammoth.

  • Weight: 6.5 tons
  • Height: 11-12 ft at the shoulder.
  • tucks: curved, usually 14ft long and weighing 201lbs.

Contender#2 : * Mammut americanum*: The American Mastodon.

  • Weight: 7 tons
  • Height: 8 ft at the shoulder
  • Tusks: straight with a slight curve up ,16ft in length

So who would win

  • Wooly mammoth
  • American Mastodon
  • Tie

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Also this is a head to head battle where each party attacks the other in response. So no sneak attacks. Also it’s in a grass land.

D) Paleoxodon

C) Stegodon

While it would be cool to throw everything into the game, I’m at the point where the less it looks like something that’s alive today, the more I want it in the game.


I just want more reptile dinosaurs not mammal modern looking creatures.

Ludia just ain’t having it. More mammals, a few dinos.

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