Pachyrhinosaurus and Hybrid "Pachygalosaurus"

They implemented the Stegoceratops, the Diplotator, and even a new type of Spinoraptor (Spinitahraptor) and especially the great Gorgosuchus, you know, I dreamed that they implemented the Pachygalosaurus in Alive, high statistics, and a wonderful design with what is This game and its graphics, although for this we would need the Pachyrhinosaurus. It would be great if we could have the Pachygalosaurus on our Jurassic World Alive team.


well we’d need pachyrhinosaurus first. besides that I never really liked Pachygalo’s design and wouldn’t care if it was added :woman_shrugging:

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skittlesaurus - taste the rainbow, before it tastes you.


looks like he fell asleep and someone spray painted him :grin: and now hes pissed. could do without the colors, he looks like trouble.