Pachyrhinosaurus Bracketed Tournament 7/19 - 7/22

Good luck to everyone that will be participating!!!

Managed to get to #93 in Dominator. Started with level 40 super rares.

Managed to lose 4 matches already, only won one in Hatchling league. I keep upping what I am using but the AI just keeps getting harder too. Using level 40 legendaries and that is STILL not good enough for Survivor league. I really hate these bracketed tournaments that completely mess with what levels you need to use. Particularly since they NEVER ran one for the months that I could have benefitted.

That seems like really bad luck. What were your opponents?

I still forget that tournaments now start at an earlier time.
And I still have no suitable strategy for the first fights in these bracketed tournaments. I lose much more battles before I reach dominator as in normal ones.


I managed to win a couple finally but only in the bottom of Hunter and the opponents better than anything I have. My last win netted me 40 trophies, had a level 15 indominus for instance. I’m quitting at this point, seems little point in even trying in this one.

I was able to get to first place in dominator, had to use pretty much anything I had though… Let’s see if I can stay there…

My first round. All my VIPs need to rest now.

Gave it another try after taking some time to cool off and quickly racked up another couple losses before giving up and just using my best stuff just to get to Predator league, had to beat opponents like level 40 Tupuxuara in Hunter. Ridiculous. I’ve never had so many losses ever on Day One in a tournament, and here I was looking forward to the next one and a possible Dominator finish with all the time and resources I’ve put into improving my teams. Once again Ludia sucks all the fun out of this game.

First run

For all of the pain at the beginning, I do like how generous bracketed tournaments are with trophies for victories once you get to Hunter.

I cannot agree less, at least up to know.
My biggest trophies were 100 DNA 5 times up to now. The rest was a collection of coins or 5000 food.

I think he was referring to the number of trophies 40-20 depending on how your team stacks up. I could be wrong though.


@Sionsith is correct. I was referring to the trophies for winning the round, while @Tommi was referring to the prize wheel

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FYI, in the two previous bracketed tournaments (Amargasaurus and s-DNA) the bottom of Dominator League for the heavyweight division was 1182 and 1337, respectively.

Of course, the trophies being 40 instead of based on how hard your opponents was just makes things even WORSE for players like me that are having to play really hard matches but not getting rewarded accordingly for it.

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Agreed. If the game throws 2 Pachygalosaurus’ at me (for my creatures that’s a big deal) and i manage to win, i deserve more points and a round of applause.

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Yeah it’s like a double-whammy against those of us that have only recently gotten to this level of the game… harder opponents that you have to defeat than regular tournaments even, but no associated increase in the trophies for doing so.

I have at least managed to claw my way up to the top of Predator, but I really can’t see having any chance in this tournament as much as it is stacked against the newer players. To have another of these bracketed tournaments so ridiculously soon after the last one, after having to deal with a mod tournament so soon after the last one of THOSE makes me wonder why Ludia seems to so purposely trying to make life frustratingly difficult for those of us that haven’t played for years (and then we have the whole issue with taking away a custom trade too). Here’s a thread from a whole YEAR ago about how problematic these tournaments are for players that are relatively new (not the ones you think you would want to screw over)… all this time and they still haven’t done anything to address the issues.

I may have shot myself in the foot a bit for this tournament. This week I started a mass wave of evolutions. I now have about half the higher level army than I had last week, with longer cool down periods. So, I have less dinos to play less often! First run though only put me around 450 trophies.

I actually quite like the new tournament I’m currently level 70 and I have just reached dominator I’m currently placed number 70 this is the first time I have placed this far in a tournament this late into it so hopefully I can make the best out of it! I wish you all good luck!

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I decided to level up a lot of my dinos, until I ran out of food, but none needed evolving (had lots of stuff sitting at level 12-13) so hopefully the extra CD time won’t hit me too hard. It’s definitely made my battles easier and I’ve been able to hit the very lowest rung of Dominator. It’s been a typical very slow Friday, so I expect over the weekend I won’t be able to stay there for long.

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