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Pachyrhinosaurus but no horn (Jurassic file #1)

Welcome to my very first file for Jurassic World The Game. Just like my Creature File for Jurassic World Alive, I’ll be using creatures that needs more attention. Today, we’re gonna be taking a look at a Achelousaurus.

Rarity: Super Rare

Animation: Ceratopsian

Evo 1

Level 10

Health: 245

Attack: 70

Fact: The name, Achelousaurus, means “Achelous’s lizard”.

Evo 2

Level 20

Health: 400

Attack: 139

Fact: Achelousaurus fossil was found in 1995 by Scott Sampson.

Evo 3

Level 30

Health: 710

Attack: 165

Fact: Unlike some ceratopsian, Achelousaurus lacks a nasal horn.

Evo 4

Level 40

Health: 879

Attack: 267

Fact: Achelousaurus was name after Achelous, a god associated with the Achelous River, the largest river in Greece.

I hope y’all like it. This is the first time I did a creature file on Jurassic World The Game. If you want to draw a level 40 version of any of my creatures for my file, I’m 100% okay with that.

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Who do you want to see next? Time close around 10:00

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