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Pachyrhinosaurus tournament

Seems like the new tournament creature is known…
Any good? What are your thoughts?

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It’s half of the pachygalosayrus hybrid.

By itself, it a cool dino. Stats are ok for battles, not great, not bad, just ok.

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It’s one of the one’s my son still needs to unlock. So, Pachyrhinosaurus is a good one for me.

For those that are interested, it was last available in the bracketed tournament the week of 7/15/19 and a Dominator finish required 1337 trophies


It is worth having for the hybrid. It is in my special leveling corner of my map where I keep all the stuff I am working on for hybrids. I have one lev 20 and one lev 10 so I will be happy to claim another hopefully.


I had this unlocked from the previous tournament, but only got the other half with the recent Megalosaurus tournament and finally got this lovely lady hatched! (Wow, that is a HUGE cooldown for a level 10!) This is used for 3 different badges so got me up to the next (and since I won’t ever have a lvl 40 Indo raptor, last) beacon level!