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Package Loading Error?

Keep getting this error and I can’t login. What does it mean and what can I do?

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Yes, me too (but so far only on Android). iPad so far works fine.
Tried with phone restart butnit didn’t help

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Yeah, I’m android as well. Could be an android problem. SMH apple fans are going to clown us :frowning:

Tried again - it’s ok now :man_shrugging:

Same here Android user and can’t log in. Tried to restart but didn’t worked

Hey Fancy-Spot, could you please post a screenshot of the error? Please make sure your support key is not visible in your screenshot, however.

Thank you!


Its fixed now. The start up screen had a download so maybe it was a mini update

@Cagkan_Coskun, please try completely closing the game and relaunching.

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Oh thanks, I didn’t notice that one. I thought I have lost my progress completely, at first glance. Thanks for assiting @Ned . :pray: