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Hello…which package is the best for a beginner? Im planning on buying 1 of those package offer which cost 54 euro…but i cant decide which to buy, mammoth package? The slow effect package? The healing package? Indominus package? Raid boss package?

Uhh do you mean Incubator?

I think yes

Well I mean I don’t know what you should buy and I don’t know if you want to spend a lot of money just for indominus. But I say maybe Indom,Raid or Healing.

I would say. Play the game for a bit, decide if you like the game. Then see what you want or think you need.


Yeah I think that’s a better option

Also ludia Has better offer then what you see right now. So I wouldn’t be to worried

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Most of these offers are nothing else than a rip-off. They are extremely overpriced for little to no value.
Example: 200 Legendary Indominus DNA for 50 bucks? Leveling Indominus to 30 will cost you 11’250 DNA.
DNA is the easiest to acquire in this game. Boosts and coins will hold you back later.

Maybe keep an eye open on offers around Boosts, Coins, Cash or Scents. Or alternatively VIP.


So those incubators are not worth it huh??

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dna is pretty easy to come by. Coins and boosts are the most valuable resource atm. however, if indominous would be a dramatic power increase for you, that incubator might not be so bad.
but the biggest bang for your buck will be the premium HP Restore: 7000 HC for 54 euro is the same price, but you also get boosts (100 attack, 100 health, 50 speed) and a premium incubator or the Out of My way incubator that comes with the same amount of HC but 285K coins (which would cost around 5000-6000ish HC alone.) instead of boosts

Not really. There’s a select few I would say that are a good bang for your buck.

Like what?

The offers you get for reaching milestones are typically the best deals and you can probably get 2 or 3 for the same money just not all at once

@Samzilla what will be the level of the indominus rex of i get his package?

It’ll be lv 16. legendary creatures are created at lv 16 with 200 dna needed to make it.