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Packs and herds


Not sure if this is possible with the mechanics of the game as is, but I’ll throw it out there.

Paleontologist have said for decades that many herbivores lived and fought off predators as a herd and carnivores would attack much larger prey in pack. I wonder if something like that could be added to the game?

There would have to be a multi level difference between the two. For example common Utahraptors against a Sure Rare Supersaurus. Levels of each TBD.

I’m not 100% on the battle method but it wouldn’t be a one at a time approach that would defeat the purpose as in nature it would be an all vs 1 event.

Like I said it probably isn’t possible with the game as it stands and would take a great deal of coding to even make a rough attempt. (Really this seems more of an MMO thing as I think on it.) Still it would add a new dimension or event type to the game


This is sort of what the world boss does but it could be expanded on so much more. But it would take a ton of coding and a partial to major rework of portions of the game.