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Packs for Coins

Make sure you check your pack offers. There were six for coins, legendary, aquatic, Cenozoic, super rare, rare, and common!

Lots of food, LP’s, and dinos to be had for coins!


Aquatic is the one to go for.

You have 3 days to get the packs.

I have the coins to buy them all now, but I’m doing it as I have hatchery space (or max coins and want to spend some).


I wish the packs gave bucks. Why do Golden Rumble packs give only 130 LP?

So did anyone have any luck with the packs for coins?

I bought all but the aquatic pack and didn’t win any hybrids or tournament creatures, so nothing really good.

On my daughters game, we were only able to get a few of the packs but she did get a Gastornis tournament bird from the Cenozoic pack.

I didn’t get anything cool to write home about.

But, at this point in the game, coins are in huge abundance, so I just looked at it as free DNA in the form a creatures.

Any time you can convert coins into food/tradeable creatures/loyalty points that’s a good thing


I got a Keleken in the Cenozoic pack.


And Kelekens are so rare in the game. LOL

I got a legendary aquatic, and one of the common hybrids, so did better than most I suppose. Happy anytime I can get creatures for coins, and appreciated having a few days to fit them in the best time slots.


I got a priotrodon in the legendary pack. But… it disappeared before I could put it in the hatchery. E-mailed support, but no response as of yet. Otherwise, I don’t think any of the packs gave me anything of interest.


I got a Unayrhynchus in a Legendary Pack.

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Congrats. Did you get to keep it? Legendary Rumbles give me no luck

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Yes, I kept it, but have not hatched it. TH offered me 10k coins for it though lol :joy:

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10k? I might actually consider something like 40 Million coin,but 10k?

Oops, my bad, 10 million lol but still I was like :flushed::joy:

I know this isn’t for coins anymore, but is this VIP pack a good deal for someone who still needs a lot of tournament dinos?

Well,or a lot of deinotheriums that is…

Keep scrolling to the right for possible prizes… chance are you won’t get a tournament Dino.

Don’t do it.


Assume you’re going to get the worst possible prize. Then re-ask yourself that question


If you’re willing to spend the money the Hybrid Herbivores pack has a 25% chance of a Segnosuchus.