Paid £19.99 but received nothing


I paid £19.99 to get the cash for a special pack but received nothing. Tried again thinking I must have done something wrong but nothing. So basically I paid 19.99 twice. Tried refreshing app to see if what I bought shows up but sadly nothing. :frowning:
The money is gone from my account however.
Is there any way to get a refund to get my money back? Or can I get the items I bought? The items are dear enough but I thought I’d spoil myself but didn’t expect this to happen. :frowning:
Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct place as well.


Contact Google pay the refunded mine within 3 mins


Yeah the exact same thing happened to me! I spend like £40 thinking that the transaction didn’t work, but it did, so I ended up spending that much and not receive anything :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Happened to me as well… with a “one time offer”… waiting on a response from Ludia support…


I paid £19.99 for a special ‘one time epic offer’ The money was taken from my bank account but I received absolutely NOTHING. :frowning:️ I am not at all happy :rage:
I would like a resolution to either give me what I paid for or my money back.


Same here I paid 69.99 have the receipt and it wasn’t applied to my account, I would like a resolution as well. I just want it applied to my account already been 3 days GRRR


Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that you having been having difficulty making in-game purchases. I know it’s frustrating, but our support team is glad to help out; please contact them at, remembering to include your support key in the email so that we can find you faster in our system.


I tried to email but it won’t let me send it