Paid One time offer got nothing


So I advance in arena and paid the one time offer they took my money then I got nothing. I check my bank account demand yall took my money but didn’t give me my obe time offer


Hi there @Hereforthebeer,

What you will need to do in this case is to visit the customer support page here:

Previous players have had similar problems in the past, where their purchase wasn’t applied correctly. They just review the account data and can confirm if the incubator was added & opened. If it wasn’t the case they will go ahead and get it added to your account.

Just be aware that the response time from customer support can take up too 2 weeks due to a lot of tickets being submitted by people. Most of those tickets are just useless spam and people complaining, so legitimate customers need to wait a big longer than intended.


Send them an email with all the information they ask for in the support area and just be patient for them to reply, will probably take about 2 weeks but they should answer.