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Pain In The Rear Beasts To Battle!


Anyone Agree??? These Little Guys Are Pretty Tough :muscle:

Cant say I do not have breasts… :smile:
But yes the owl bears maul you specially with the level difference.

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Yes, They Certainly Do!!! HuKo :joy:

I’m At This Scary Looking Monster :skull::scream:, Well Almost,
Is He A Tough One To Deal With HuKo?, Well What Am I Saying, You Look At Him And Then He Dies LOL, How About For A Person Of My Status?

The problem with Minotaurs is that if they reach the space next to you they deal damage to every character on that level. Makes them a priority enemy.

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Well, I Haven’t Fought One Yet, But I’m Getting Close! Thanks For The Input Horke!!!:smile::ok_hand::+1:

Did You Fight Him Yet Horke? The Big Guy?

I Sure Would Hate If OwlBears Were in Real Life!!!:scream_cat::nauseated_face::cold_face::eyes:

There is a monster later on that disarm one of your guy by just starting his turn, no matter where he is.

I got a room in challenge mode in which i had 2 of those, and 2 Carrion Crawler (the snail looking one)
and i got perma stunned because i lost initiative :slight_smile: fun times.

But the Minotaur isn’t soo bad. He is WEAK and can be killed with 1-2 shots.
If he gets to MOVE on the row next to you, he’ll 1 shot your entire party

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Can’t Wait!!! Thanks For The Input deathmessia :grinning:

TOUGH Rooms!!!