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Pairing system


It is not the first time that I happen to face an opponent with higher level than I

Recently I had to face a contricante that had levels 19 and 20 and I just reached the 17 when much

I only ask that they fix that because it is not the first time that it happens to me


Hey Diego_Alberto_Moncad, I’m sorry to hear that you had to face off against another dino that is a much higher level than yours. As the matchmaking process is based on the number of trophies you currently have, it is possible to go up against an opponent with higher level dinos. There is some additional information on our FAQ here as well:
I hope that cleared things up a bit.

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The whole “matchmaking” system is utter bullcrap! I was battling at 2600 in Lockdown and my opponent was able to field a level 21 Miragaia against my Level 15 Posti. One counter and one attack and my Posti was dead.

When is this sort of crap going to be dealt with or does Ludia only care about how much money is raked in from the PTWs and cheats?


If you are constantly seeing higher level dinos in your battles, it just means you’re a good strategist :). Seriously, matches are based on trophies. You are going to find a level that you will basically ‘float’ at. If teams at that trophy level have higher level dinos, one of two things will happen. 1. You will lose and drop to the appropriate level, or 2. Your superior strategy will keep you at that level. It’s as simple as that. Cheaters will clear out of your level. This is NOT something that needs fixing (as opposed to the speed arrow glitch, which is just annoying as all get out).