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Pairing Time Out When Darting

Ok, things now getting weird. :scream:

Hey AndreMR, our team is currently looking into this issue. More information can be found from this thread here: Jurassic World Alive | Android Delay and Known Issues With 1.7

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What’s it say? I cannot read that lol…

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its br-portuguese.
another suggestion i posted in this forum is: we have the option to choose from:

  • device language (yours)
  • original english (ludia default)

every day i want to talk about something in the game and dont know how it is in english. and no translation helps, many words are jwa exclusive.


this screen says “pairing time out”, or something like (dont know exact english words used for you).

its a message supposed to appear in battles, not map. hehe.

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Every… single… time… it’s rather annoying :rofl::roll_eyes:

Yesterday this screnn comes during a battle… and i must restart the app… i lost the fight…:rage: