Paladin attack stat lowered

All of my other characters are unchanged but I noticed that my paladin’s attack stat is now about 15-20 points or so lower than prior to update. This is with the same gear outfitted. Again, only the paladin. Is this deliberate?

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All the expansion characters (Nayeli, Pikel, Jarlaxle, and Joppa) were bugged in previous builds. They all had the same stats as Calliope, for some reason. This has been fixed.

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But the pallys attack is now 200 points lower than my Joppa and Jaraxle who are several levels lower w lower gear. Is the pallys attack supposed to be that low? Lowest of all characters even Tommus?

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Apparently so.

Not sure I agree with a debuff, but Paladins - while they’re still capable fighters, are at their core more of a heavy support character. Rather than endless killing machines.

Right, but lowest attack of all characters?

Agree, I don’t necessarily think Paladin’s should be the lowest, but they definitely shouldn’t be in the highest ranks. I’d imagine a druid and cleric should be lower, but many others should probably be higher if you think about it.

Nayeli’s power is in the fact that you just can’t even kill her sometimes at high levels and if geared properly, and your attacks can get pretty feeble if you’re not careful. Again she doesn’t need to be a killing machine to boot.

If you look close at the old Calli stats that the hero’s Nayelli Jarlaxle Joppa and Pikel all were duplicating and compare them to the new “corrected” stats. Nayelli got a 6 point increase to Strength and yet is doing less attack and damage… while Pikel got a 2 point decrease in strength and is doing doing less attack and Damage. It makes no sense. I noticed this immediately. They both (Nayelli and Pikel) got a small constitution buff and both have a bit more health than before the update. So How does Nayelli go from a 12 strength to an 18 strength and do LESS damage than before. Pikel got a 6 point wisdom increase from 12 to 18 and it seems to have been just for show since his damage and as a result his healing all goes off strength and not Wisdom a Cleric/ Druid Core stat. The modification to their stats because of an error in “Duplicating Calliopes stats” is super fishy esp if the few stats that got increases do nothing while the decrease in stats are very noticeable… if they are gonna adjust stats they need to be fully transparent about the changes both on the positive and negative side and what the impacts are. Nayelli has been out for How long and they are just now catching the “error”??? I’ve been playing since April and Nayelli was one of my 1st additions through renown choices her base stats have been wrong this whole time???. Super Sus… I posted all these concerns in “What does High Wisdom Do” thread sorry not super forum savvy to link other threads.

You’re too hung up on the visual abilities such as Strength, Constitution, Wisdom, etc. - they literally do nothing in this game, as you mentioned in your post they’re just for show. For folks that cared to look, it was bad to see an obvious text overlay error that Nayeli, Jarl, Joppa, and Pikel all had identical ones, so visually they were corrected. You’re thinking that these corrections translated into actual in-game mechanics but they didn’t. Think just buffs and debuffs. Nayeli’s strength is displaying higher now than before, but that clearly doesn’t matter because they debuffed her actual stats behind the scenes (damage, etc.)

Another prime example of a still active incorrect text overlay is the gold reward amount on the Brawler’s chest after your 20 hero kills in PvP. The displayed gold range mirrors that of the free 4-hour chest in the store (173-208 if maxed), but in reality the gold you get from the Brawler chest is higher (like 280-310-ish).

If they are just for show than how do you explain Pikel and Nayelli doing less damage and having more health? They obviously effect base stats in some way. The characters with High Dexterity tend go 1st and or earlier in the initiative than the characters that don’t. Other players have now even mentioned noticing a difference in the stats… I really wish I would have taken screen shots of both the affected heroes I own before the update…with all the bugs in this last update how do we know that the debuff of Nayelli was intentional and not just accidentally duplicating Pikels stats now… if the patch notes weren’t so vague about the stat changes and there was some actual transparency of these stats and what changes would effect than no one would have to guess.

My understanding has always been that the standard d&d stats (Str., Dex., Wis., etc.) are shown in WoW for flavor only, with them having no impact on calculations used in the game.

[Edit - It appears all the update did was fix incorrect base stat (ability score) tables for a few heroes. These base stats have no impact on game play.]

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So you’re saying that it’s just coincidence that stats have changed the same update that patch notes say they corrected a visual error? And that they made health and damage changes behind the scenes without acknowledging it all? That’s even shadier…
It can’t be a coincidence. They list the base stat changes vaguely in the patch notes…

The visual error WAS the standard D&D stats screen (ie: Str, Dex, Cons, Int, Wis, Char), because that’s in fact all that they are, visual. They’re for show, for lore, and don’t impact gameplay. I’m also not seeing the characters with highest dexterity “tending to go first” ever, it’s completely random for me.

It’s not a coincidence that there were tweaks to both visuals, and to the actual stat mechanics. Every single update they are making tweaks to the heroes here and there. They even make unannounced changes intermittently - like when Saarvin was broken and they fixed him overnight. They didn’t say a word, they just fixed it real-time.

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So you Know for a Fact that Ability scores have no in game impact and are just visual? Please share where you learned this.

Direct copy from patch notes

  • The basic statistics for Nayeli, Jarlaxle, Joppa, and Pikel accidentally duplicated Calliope’s base statistics. Now each hero has the correct range of ability scores.

In the very 1st sentence it says basic statistics. And it follows up by saying how they adjusted those basic statistics by giving them “correct range of ability scores”

In plain English it says that base stats are effected by ability scores…

I’ve noticed Farideh has become much weaker and she’s not in the patch notes at all. I don’t remember wha her ATK used to be, but it is now very low compared to my other characters.

Yeah, I think they worked on rebalancing the characters and didn’t tell us. Personally I think gutting the paladin was a poor choice. She is slow, so being able to really hammer opponents made sense to me. Now she is kinda useless…

Sure she got a nerf but she is far from useless, I’m still using her and doing extremely well with her. Perhaps you don’t have her geared properly.