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Paladin for free players

Wondering when the paladin will be available. Also will you get for finishing the renown level you are on as long as you are above 11. Got 3 characters ready to be leveled and only need 2 for next renown level. Just wondering how long I have to hold them back.

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I got the bard as my new hero when hitting renown 6 or so. Something like that.

Your actual selection might be random.

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Meant paladin lol my bad.


You cannot get drop for hero you don’t have so having more heroes is not good so I dont want this paladin

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A new character means easy leveling which leads to more gear from renown level ups. So yeah, get her when she becomes available. It would be wise to save up some coins/gems for leveling her when she gets released.

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Nayeli is still in our Early Access period. Once this is over Nayeli will be available as a Renown reward.

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When does the early access period end. I remember it being October 2019. It is now Oct. 21st…

I never saw it say anything other than “after October”