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Paladin needs retraining

hi, all
i think paladin needs retraining

my pally is L17
she has all the L8 epic gears, some L12 rares, and some legendaries

first of all, she has lower stats

(all are wearing the same L8 epic gears)

Nayeli(paladin)'s stat and Calliope(bard)'s are about same
of course Nayeli has BLOCK, but Raika too
Even without block, Nayeli melts like ice-cream :frowning:

second, after knowing this i was absurd

Even common weapon is much more powerful than legendary, lol
(cf. L2 legendary = L6 epic = L10 rare = L14 common)
need to add something like fire dmg (DD/DoT)

Thx for reading this article :slight_smile:

i’m not English-user, lol
sorry for my bad English :laughing:

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