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Paladin quest

Am I correct in understanding that to get the new Paladin you have to complete a pack quest? If so that sucks because I am just over 200 away from completing current quest so at best it will be 8 days before I can even start trying for a new pack

Ok so I just logged into the game and my pack was finished off, giving me what’s in the pic below and the Paladin pack is sitting there waiting for me. Unfortunately I have to wait a couple of hours since I had all my quests done, but I am in much better situation than I was

That’s a pretty amazing pack you opened. I wonder what happens if you already have Nayeli. Hopefully they still figure out some reward for those players preferably a lot of cool gear for your paladin.

That’s lucky getting that pack done - I was on the crappy little 150 one so got that finished off for me :op