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Paladin self-destruction

This may have been talked about in other posts and I just missed it because until recently I never really used my Paladin much.

There have been a lot of things that I think have been poorly implemented and not well thought out but I came across the first thing I would call truly stupid. I have seen dominated characters wipe out whole teams, excluding themselves, with one shot. I have never seen a hero make an attack that actually basically damaged themselves. I was just down to my fighter and my dominated Paladin. He swung his sword hit and killed the fighter and took away probably 90% of his own health at the same time. Of course he died with my opponents next turn.

Attack row second dice includes herself. Just another day at Ludia, that an exception for herself isn’t made. When she is attacking her own row.

It wouldnt be so bad if it was something that happened with other heroes as well, which if it does I haven’t seen it.

It happens with Raika’s rare hammer.

Well it myst be a mistake or they need to update the description. I am pretty sure it says attacks enemies. I am pretty sure that even dominated you aren’t considered your own enemy

Somewhere I read some Ludia hype. Basically saying they knew they had a game when they were arguing just how long a potion should take to drink. Clearly that kind of thought isn’t put into anything Ludia makes. So why shouldn’t a dominated character somehow behead herself?

Yep my Raika has killed everyone including herself

I had my Tommus be the one attacked by a dominated hero & then use counterattack, also triggering his legendary item and hurting my entire team. That felt really stupid.

My favorite is how dominated / mimicked players always hit full proc- buff against their team. Odd, isn’t it.

Apple, i have actually sent a video of that happening to support

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It’s no more absurd then disarmed characters getting counter attack. Really want to know how a disarmed character with taunt can get 3-4 counter attacks before their turn to pick up the sword and shield again.

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Disarm specifies that you can’t take the attack action, and a counterattack is not the attack action.

On the topic of zone attacks though, I don’t think it makes sense for the attack to be made at all, based on the precedent set by the minotaur. The minotaur’s base attack is a zone attack - if you dominate one and all other enemies are in the same row as it, it will just not attack. The minotaur is not able to target itself, so why are our heroes able to target themselves?

Right, or how disarm makes it so you can’t use ‘taunt & counterattack’ abilities.