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Paladin Swords seem to get progressively worse?

The Rare Blessed Sword seems very good. 75% Proc rate and 200% damage when maxed.

The Holy Avenger Only has a 50% proc rate when maxed and gives a much lower aoe at 125%. It does grant a stackable 75% to hit bonus for 3 rounds though. The “To Hit” must be very valuable and make a huge difference. I just can’t see it.

Could someone please explain how the “to hit” mechanic works.

The Legendary Weapon has stackable Damage but no to hit bonus, no aoe and you’d think it would do single target resistible debuff on hit like a D&D Holy Sword. Why give up AOE and to hit for single target?

I don’t get it.

The common becomes stronger than the rare, with 300% damage on the sword and 375% on the halberd split into 3 attacks. Someone did a comprehensive weapon guide and i think they said legendary at level 4 was the best weapon, but you should go for the common if you want single target.

The rsre sword is good for flat cleave but if you want to overcome high ac, you’ll want the epic.

Thanks, that’s really useful to know.

IIRC, there’s a damage multiplier based on the difference between your to-hit and the opponent’s AC; don’t ask me for the dev quote, it was many moons ago.

It’s this, it’s most likely a basic hit-ac divided by x formula most mobile games use when they determine damage. If you are below a certain amount you do usually half damage, double danage or more if you’re above their AC substantially