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Paleontology thread

You know nerds wanna nerd but it’s never the right place. Well that place is now here. This thread can be to discuss dinosaurs, Cenozoics, hypothetical battles, give fact what ever you want related to dinosaurs


So quick poll to start us off…

Who do you think would win a IRL what if fight and why do you say it would win

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Carcharodontosaurus
  • Mapusaurus
  • Giganotosaurus
  • Tyrannotitan
  • Acrocanthosaurus
  • Spinosaurus

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Spino stands no chance at all, it’s not built for fighting
Only chance it might win is if the fight is taken place in water

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Out of genuine curiosity, have there been known cases of Carcaradontosaurus’ and Giganotosaurus intraspecific fighting?

Otherwise, I’m leaning more towards T. Rex.

Not that I’m aware of

Acro becaus either it huge fast and has a huge bite. The slashing class would beat T Rex anyday

Lol you mean the barley bigger than rex claws

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Rex had the strongest bite force of any land animal ever.


Ehhh that’s kinda correct I mean if I remember correctly purrasaurus was a close or equal second

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That’s true, but Purrasaurus want exclusively land based. :nerd_face:


Seems clear to be Trex. There is less evidence for pack hunting in tyrannosaurs though, so if that is considered mapusaurus would win. Other wise, Rex probably has the best chance with it’s built bite force. However this question is still speculative, since the fighting characteristics of things like mapusaurus and giga are less predominant.

True but they at least are comparable

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Lol this is a one v one; no packs, no siblings, no blue ex-machina

True… but also we have lots of evidence of rexs fighting, killing and eating each other. And if like they speculate giga and mapu hunted in pack they be less experience in 1v1 combat. But would have been pride, pack or family group behavior is the question

Then it would definitely be Trex. Musculature sockets pretty much surround Most tyrannosaurid body’s. In combat there wouldn’t be the distinct unbalanced footing seen in the movement of sockets in charcarodontosaurs. Rex however, has vertical and lateral stability with the support of it’s tail, so it would probably be better in combat and movement

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Charcarodontosaurs also have lateral stability, but not too the extent as tyrannosaurids

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Plus as tierzoo would say…

“Trex players invested heavily into the bite attack, allowing the user to crush through bone and armor. While at the expense of more versatile means of attack. None the the less these dinosaurs dominated there servers with an iron fist.”

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IIRC, carchardontosaurus and giganotosaurus killed by tearing and shearing. Giga was a sauropod killer.

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I thought carca and acro were too