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Yes you are correct! The sauropodamorphs are semi related to oviraptors!

That thing scares me. :worried:

Very distantly… so distantly that sauropodomorphs are closer to the likes of Carnotaurus and T.rex

Also, here’s a skeletal, because it’s better to judge relationships of dinosaurs based on features we can observe as opposed to illustrations

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Thanks, all be sure to make a closer examination using this chart!

Firstly, if we judge of the hip based on the above skeletal, it appears to have a more saurischian hip structure

spino+steroids+muscle training+ half-dead carcharodontosaurus+ 1 mil attack boosts and 1 mil crit boosts= how that could happen

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Chilesaurus is an extinct genus of herbivorous dinosaur. The type and only species is Chilesaurus diegosuarezi. Chilesaurus lived about 145 million years ago (Mya) in the Late Jurassic period of Chile. Showing a combination of traits from theropods, ornithischians, and sauropodomorphs, this genus has far-reaching implications for the evolution of dinosaurs, such as whether the traditional saurischian-ornithischian split is superior or inferior to the newly proposed group Ornithoscelida.
EZ. ornithoscelida

What is your source?

Wikipedia is my guess.

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ya i used wikipedia

I’m thinking maybe it isn’t in one of the three main groups, but a weird side branch of not as successful dinosaur

Looks like a basal saurischian BUT with features from basal ornithiscians. Hmmmm

Look at Raptorex face :rofl:

May be other Tyrannosaurid will has feathers

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Raptorex is basically Tarbosaurus’ Nanotyrannus. It doesn’t exist as a separate entity, it’s a juvenile of an existing species

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I agree with that statement. The structure of the bones and how they were proposed leads me to believe that it’s some sort of ancient Triassic sauropod mimic. I don’t have a ton of evidence to back up this statement but I think it’s closely related to creatures like riojasaurus or blikanasaurus. I think we’re getting closer to drawing a conclusion to what grouping the chilesaurus :smiley:

Just to boost threads relevance

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I keep wondering sometimes about sauropods, would a diplodocus body type or a brachi body type have the advantage (assuming both are the same size) on a fight against each other?

Brachi cause like it’s harder to crush its neck

Cause then it can rear up and just destroy a dippy