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Paleozoic creatures

There aren’t enough Paleozoic creatures. These are some ideas:

Don’t ask why its fierce resilient, I have no idea why I made it fierce resilient.

I included Yutyrannus here because I realized I hadn’t made a Yutyrannus.


I made a typo, cunning resilient not fierce resilient.

They’re are all cool but i can’t see lycaneops and Meganeura appearing by now. They’re apparently too small so I’m waiting for small creatures to get added


Ludia should add more small creatures, like Scansoriopteryx, Compsognathus, and many more.

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How would a Compy compete with a T-Rex? Or a Brachiosaur?

How would a Meganeura? Arthropleura?

How would an oviraptor compete with a titanosaur? Plus Arthropleura is 2 meters long, and Meganeura is as big as a hawk. (not sure if I’m correct about this, so please correct me if I’m wrong)

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When you have animals like Gogonops ingame already I wouldn’t say size is an issue.

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Granted size isn’t everything, there’s still a lot to consider.

No, an Oviraptor wouldn’t compete much with a Titanosaur, but it could compete against a few other creatures in defense.

A Compsognathus is even smaller, and would be breaking suspension of disbelief more than any other creature in the game, I’d think. You’d have to have it be a swarm, rather than an individual creature, to stretch credulity and make it work.

Arthropleura wouldn’t be anything more than food for some of these creatures. Being 2 meters means nothing when you have no speed or offensive capabilities to speak of :slight_smile: You’d have to collect it solely for splicing it with something more dangerous.

Yutyrannus, on the other hand, is a good catch and would fit easily.

Arthropleura and Compy were in Jurassic Park Builder though, so I don’t see why they can’t be added.

Jurassic Park Builder was a park management game, not a creature combat game. It makes sense to include all sorts of things as exhibits; it’s quite another thing to include them for combat when they aren’t the slightest bit capable of it.

It did have combat though, and small creatures could participate.

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Compys should be easy enough. Instead of one creature you have several. The animations would be cool.

The same way small creatures like Scaphognathus does. That’s tiny compared to a T Rex or Brachiosaurus but it still works in battles.

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I’d absolutely love the giant carboniferous bugs! I hope they get added one day!

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