Para Lux encounter rate?

Now that Para Lux has a hybrid, I was wondering if Ludia actually increased the spawn rate/chance of the Para Lux since it’s a pretty hard dino to find, I myself only having found it 4 times. If they didn’t increase the spawn chance then it’s going to take some players a long time to not only get a level 20 Para Lux, but also get a good amount of DNA to fuse for the hybrid. What do you guys think? Did the Para Lux get a spawn chance increase or is it still the same and needs an increase?


I mean, we’re getting a raid.
But yes, please increase the spawn rate


I haven’t seen any in forever and have only encountered it 3-4 times, I think, hoping ludia manages to make it somewhat more easy to obtain, but I am at least glad the hybrid is getting a raid, that should definitely help speed the process up


I’ve darted it once through spawns, and another time from the CC event


i have seen it 6 times since it launched including events its ajoke


Thanks to the people who reminded me that the hybrid will have a raid which should speed things up a bit, even though you’d probably need some high boosted uniques.

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For me, it has very good spawn rate.

Seriously? You don’t think that the new Ludia owners won’t be selling Para Lux incs in the store soon?


I haven’t seen any in forever but then again i dont hunt anymore.

I’ve only seen 3-4 wild ParaLux in total since its release, and every single encounter was recently. Like literally within this last month. And I’ve barely surpassed level 16. So yeah, increase the spawn rate please.

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They already are


Yeah, I’m not forking out $100 for this thing. :rofl:

I have seen a total of 4 in the wild since the release of paralux, and I play the game hours a week. I know other people who see lux all the time. It seems like some accounts see paralux more than others - IDK why that is. I have friends who have them show up at their house. I never see them in my neighborhood, and rarely ever anywhere else. Another issue with Lux is that it’s short range, which is fine, but some people like me can’t always get short range bc I have health issues, and walking everywhere isn’t always possible. However, I don’t see them even if commuting, with the exception of 2x’s, so there is that. For these reasons, it would be nice if lux could be donated or placed in sancs - especially since it is not a hybrid


It pops up once in 2 weeks for me😥

It mostly spawns near you so when I’m at home I encountered it near me 3 times in a month

That’s grand larceny!

Perhaps a championship too

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Unless the raid is extremely difficult

I’ve found the encounter rate to be abysmal. I have a short range spawn just outside my home, but I’ve only ever found one Para Lux. Even when I go out, I don’t seem to fine them.

I’m glad we have the raid at least. This will probably be the first (and I imagine only) unique that I’ll have to unlock without first leveling the dinos needed.


Haven’t seen it since the update. I was lucky enough to get this Dino a couple week ago!