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Para Lux hybrid

Hi a few members of my clan are asking if Para lux is getting a hybrid? as there’s rumours going around on some sites and the guys n girls wont level it above 20 incase the rumours are true any news folks? thanks Andy

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Im not sure . i cant even find the paralux

its todays event!

So typical of Ludia as they made is really difficult to dart. This game is really a joke now.

It’s possible that it will get one eventually, just like any other non-superhybrid Legendary, so it’s definitely recommended to get it to level 20 and leave it there.
It’s also not really worth levelling up past that anyway I think.

thats what i would do but i think a few of the lower levelled players think it’s a great dino lol thanks i can let them known there’s no release notes on a hybrid at the moment thanks

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Heres my concept i also gave it a new move :
Luminohadros (parasaurolphus lux +iguanodon)
Rarity : unique
4800 health
1300 attack
Resilient strike
Resilient rampage
Great Group heal
Healing rampage and run

Interesting the proposal of this hybrid, but in the UNICS, they mix a hybrid with a non-hybrid, so using EDMONTOGUANODON or BAJATANODON would be the most interesting option, since both are HADRO too.

I’d like something like that but unluckily it’s impossible cuz baja is already a super-hybrid…

Hadros Lux seems like para lux’s hybrid tho…

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But LEGENDARIES can be material to create the UNIQUES.

Not if they are super-hybrids already.
Legendary baja is a super-hybrid so unless Ludia allows super-hybrids to go further, it stays as it is.
Just like Sarcorixis for example. It’s an epic but a super-hybrid so cannot go further

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It wasn’t going to be easy :joy:

it doesn’t matter, a super-hybrid CAN’T have a hybrid…

What make them super hybrids? What is the difference between them and the legendary or epic hybrids that are not super hybrids?

Super-hybrids already have three ingredients. regular hybrids only have two therefore leaving room for a super-hybrid.

Got it, living and learning k thank you very much

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