Para Lux in Sanctuaries pt II

So not to necro-post, I’m creating this post but now that Lux has (at least) one hybrid, shouldn’t we let her into the sanctuaries?


I don’t know about you, but I am seeing it fairly often.


I totally agree. It’s not a hybrid it should be possible to put it in a sanctuary. I haven’t seen one since 2020 outside of special events.


Ya I agree, since it’s a legendary they could just scale back the FIP rewards you get (probably half of what an epic gives or so). There’s going to be a second para lux hybrid reveled on Friday based on the gamepress teaser and it will be an apex so we’re going to be needed a significant amount of para lux dna.


Agreed. Even from a monetization standpoint Para Lux isn’t selling FIP bundles when it’s stuck in short range jail.


and i dont know about you but since it was released i ahve darted 12 including events it is one of the worst dinos in this entire game and a complete farce that they use if hybrids so yes i whole heartedly agree it should be in the sancs

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We really need this and if the gamepress teaser is right we are most likely going to get a para lux hybrid which I have herd will be called ankykos lux. If this is the case then we need para lux peaceable in sanctuaries

I rarely see para lux outside of events. If the gamepress teaser is true with needing para lux for the new apex we will need more DNA

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Ludia is greedy instead of raiding to unlock the Apex they will sell it. Did everyone see all the incubators for sale with the bear king dna components and the selling of apex dna in incubators? It’s turned into a sheer money game. If you’ve got money you’ll advance others will really struggle. Ludia gets greedier with each years passing. Oh and when you do put a lot of work into something they change it to a worthless hunk of junk so they can present a shiny new object for you to buy in the store. The game has lost its charm to many as its pay to play and not small amounts 99.00 dollars for 200 to 400 DNA it’s laughable.

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100% agree. No one asked for another hybrid when Parat has everyone going crazy looking for short range. Might aswell make Lux a scentable anytime global when the 3rd hybrid comes. This is seriously more absurd than what happened with Carno

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Agreed. Well there could be a chance of a parasauthops season

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Agreed. Parasaurolophus Lux should be allowed in Sanctuaries because of it’s hybrid Parasauthops and Raid uses.

Yes, please. Us mortals, do not believe that Para Lux exists. We never see them in the wild.


How much dna would you be able to get from it in the sanctuary? 3/2/3? That’s not even worth doing.

That’s another fair point. But, I’d say that 8 DNA is more than some people see in a month in the wild.

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Wow, I see one everyday. I travel about 20 miles per day though, on average.

Judging by other’s responses in this thread, consider yourself lucky! :four_leaf_clover:

I’m agreed with others here. Even though I’m lucky enough to come across Para Lux somewhat more often than other people (currently sitting on a lvl 20 PLux with 4000 DNA leftover), if it’s true that the new Apex needs it there’s no longer any excuse to keep it out of the sanctuaries (unless Ludia ups it’s spawn rate and/or gives scents a high chance of spawning it, or creates a special scent just for it that players can win once every few weeks).

If they switch it to global spawn, then we would be able to run giga scents to get a chance. It would already be an improvement over the current situation.


well i nabbed my 13th today so only 3 million to go yes take off the short thing make a global spawn…maybe even in australia would be good