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Para Lux in Sanctuaries

I personally feel that Para Lux should be available in a sanctuary, but there should be some restrictions. I think that only players of player level 20 should be able to FIP Para Lux and people should only be able to FIP it if they have unlocked it. I feel like these changes will be essential if a Para Lux hybrid is added as there is no reliable way of getting its DNA for some people who are either in lockdown or are extremely unlucky. As to the amount of DNA for FIPing it, I do not know how much should be given. Anyways please leave your thoughts below.

  • Make These Changes Now
  • Make These Changes If Para Lux gets a hybrid
  • Don’t Make Any Change
  • Make A Different Change (Leave Down Below)

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Paras lux is really cool, so I think he should be available more, maybe in the daily mission or in sanctuary, but keep him out of incubators and still spawn rarely , so its still a really rare creature

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True that would be a great way to provide even DNA to players. Perhaps a harder daily mission, like getting some number of direct hits or something like that, cos I can tell if it goes to sanctuary, there will be like mega farms with like 10 para luxes and if u can get like 3-5 DNA from each that waaaaay too easy to get it.

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I think a nice idea would be to increase its spawn rate at night/dawn or dusk.
You could probably increase the current spawn rate by 5 at night.
For sanctuaries I 100% agree.
Maybe sanctuaries you get 2/1/2 total 5
But hopefully that para hybrid in the data mine uses it.

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I wouldn’t mind if they made it a raid actually, which could be fun and consistent way to give dna


Maybe you could limit it to one per sanctuary?

From a personal stand point, she isn’t a hybrid so I see no problem in being able to add her to a sanctuary. She spawns so rarely that it doesn’t make a huge difference. It would take ages to create her from FIPS alone.

I agree with this, especially because of lockdown. On the occasions where I’ve been able to leave the house, I’ve encountered precisely 0 through the close spawn range. I’ve recently found that I can access one such point from my house, and I still haven’t found one outside of events.

Either allow her to be placed in sanctuaries, or as Riveen_Wickenham suggests above, let her be a raid dino.