Para Lux is now all day!

Perhaps Ludia do listen :thinking:

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pics or it didn’t happen?
not sure how to easily confirm this.

This doesn’t resolve my displeasure with the short range mechanic as a whole, but is good to hear nonetheless.

A screenshot of the ‘where to find’ segment on the creature bio should suffice as confirmation.

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Description on creature profile has changed plus my partner just got one during the day.

Word of warning - you need to restart the game - she had and got it; I hadn’t and didn’t.


Screenshot_20201214-150258_JW Alive

A small step in the right direction


Well great

looks like there is truth to this statement. i’m excited to go hunting during lunch today.

Definitely true I just got my first darting attempt at one. 12:56 here.

Yeaahh boyyy, altough it isnt much but at least Ludia listen to us

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Awesome! It leased Ludia is taking some feedback from the community :smile:

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Got mine to level 18 the first two nights of release and haven’t seen one since.

I still haven’t seen one. Its highly frustrating.

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Me neither. I really want to dart and collect it.

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Created mine today :partying_face:

Highly unlikely that I will get it anytime soon with almost non existent short range spawns in my neighbourhood. 70% of short range spawns are on highways.

At least its all day now.

None so far :confounded:

I’ve got mine at level 21… honestly, don’t be fussed about catching it, its literally garbage.