Para Lux Raid Please!

Like anyone I love the game but I have not for the life of me seen a para lux. I think there should be a para lux raid. I can’t even unlock it and I’ve been playing before it came out. Ludia this is an idea


I agree as I started playing a few months after the game came out but I still don’t have para lux if we have a raid then it will gain a better advantage for all players to unlock it.


I would love to able to easily get it to level 20 as they have to increase the seeing in events and in the wild. I don’t see arctops very often in events so while right now is good stop making a good hybrid so hard to get too.

I definitely think that para lux should get a raid because it would be a good replacement to parathops

I think that parathops shouldn’t have a raid because that makes a creature that should be really hard to get too easy to get, so I feel like making a para lux raid would definitely help

Scorpius Rex should be replaced. I’m my opinion as it’s not good and very easy to deal with.

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I 100% back this! I almost never see her, ever. I play for far too many hours per week, too :rofl:

I also think Rexy needs a raid in the future.

Yess,please,it should replace scorpius rex raid