Para nerf

Alright so probably everyone knows by now Para is going to be nerfed. Some player seems to have quite an influence on the game. Looking back at Ceramagnus we see that it more or less became useless after the nerf. We also know a good swap in is very much needed these days. Looking at the meta changing fast even Mono isn’t as good as it has been anymore. Para compared to Cera is mainly useful as a swap in. Not so much in pvp in general. For a useful swap in high attack is needed. So my request is not to nerf the attack. There are other possibilities like taking off it’s stun and distraction resistance. Also braking shields isn’t needed for a swap in.
So lets hope the best for Para…

Another nerf thread

Wow parasaurolophus is getting a nerf cool

this is a joke


Nerf raid bosses 1st especially imperato

Then you can stop after removing the swap in

Or just dont because there is a high chance the devs will not read this and just nerf parat randomly and end up making it useless for both raids and pvp

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I think the best change would be if it’s swap in would loose it’s ability to bypass shield


Yes so nerf parat threads will stop


No :joy: I’ve just got it to 30 it happens every time we get a nerf thread I finally get something to 30 a new update drops and ruins it

Could change the swap in itself to do less damage like 0.75x or 0.5x. No need to nerf its actual attack with that.

100%! Thank you for this. A HARD no on a para nerf. It does just fine for what it is supposed to be, fits in with Meta ONLY if heavily boosted, and if you nerf it you will effect raiding ability in a negative way (unless the only nerf was on swap in). Para is available to everyone via raids. Please do not nerf it. Please. Both lower level and higher level raiders use it. You will effectively kill most good starts that require para including the ONLY WORKING STRATS FOR IMPERATO AND ANDREW. We already took a heavy hit with raids for lower level players with the ref nerf for imperato today - a hard hit, and a completely unnecessary one.

Often people who call for nerfs on creatures forget how important those creatures are for raids, para being one of THE MOST important raid healers in the game. Please consider this everyone before you ask for nerfs again. It really makes raiding that much more difficult for everyone.

Thanks again for this post - I really would hate to see Para nerfed for the reasons above. I would also change the name of your post to “Don’t Nerf Para” lol

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I think this a thread to prevent pthops from getting nerfed actually


10 sinoceratopses

But then I cant be sure

which is why I think the thread name needs to be changed to “don’t nerf para” :smiley: :heart:

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