Paraboa: Glowing Python

Name: Paraboa
Name means: Nearly Boa
Hybrid: (Parasaurolophus gen 2 + Titanoboa)
Basically shape: A Double size Titanoboa with Parasaurolophus crest, it have Purple Color Bioluminescenes covered it’s Body and Crest, Glowing spike at the Crest and Tail.
Rarity: Tournament
Class: Cenozoic
Type: Cavern

Stats (at Level 40) : Health-7337 Damage-5589 Coin-249818/3H
Games: Jurassic World: The Game
Creature fact: The Glowing light of Paraboa won’t make it’s hunting level less! The Paraboa have a very brutally Poison at it’s fangs due to the Bioluminescenes genes of Parasaurolophus gen 2.

How it is guys? Can i get your opinion about this? Thanks you very much!!


Love its design and wouldn’t mind first tournament Cenozoic hybrid being this. Although the damage has to be changed thats way op. Put the damage at like 1,700 or something


I think both mammotherium and smythetoceras are tourney hybrids but this would be slightly stronger where both components are tourney level.

I agree with the damage being too high.

I think stats should be more like health - 5127 damage - 4060

(Mammotherium can take this out in 2 hits then)

And to add this is such a great idea @Mohammed_Johnson!


Hey sorry about the stories. my work has been crazy due to them shutting down for the next 2 weeks but now I will have plenty of time. Once I finish the current story, want me to make one for this thing?


So u you want this thing to 1 shot smithetoceras? Even smithetoceras isn’t able to 1 shot mammotherium even with the type advantage the damage shouldn’t be that high its way too op i understand its a 2 tourneys hybrid but thats going to unbalance the Cenozoic game.


Why not? Segnosuchus can 1 shot metriaphodon? Smith is a glass cannon whereas mammotherium is a tank.


guys you might get derailed

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Awesome he be fun in the game


Why are you comparing jurassics with Cenozoic? Cenozoic with jurassic tournament hybrids stats will unbalance the game. And yeah segnosuchus can 1 shot metria but metria can 2 shot segno as well. Whereas smithetoceras will not

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Ok guys y’all should gonna chill down and heard me! Mammotherium is Tourn + Super Rare, Smythetoceros is Tourn + Super Rare too!, And Paraboa is Tourn + Tourn so if it is a little too stronger than 2 other is an really Normally thing okay? 好的? That’s it? Agreed?