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Paraceratherium + Uintatherium

It’s been well over a year since cenozoics were added and we still don’t have the chunky cenozoic giant rhinos! With hadrosaurs now being healers and not stunners, I want to add more stunners. Here’s my suggestion:
Paraceratherium (Epic):
5400 HP
1200 DMG
10% AR
104 SP
5% CR

Long Decelerating Strike
Greater Stunning Rampage
Instant Charge

Swap-in Stun
67% Resistant to Stun, Speed Decrease.
50% Resistant to Distraction

Possible Hybrids: Paraloceros(Legendary)(+Megaloceros)- Basically a remake of Indricoceros

4800 HP
1300 DMG
10% AR
103 SP
5% CR

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Greater Stunning Rampage

Swap in Stun
100% Resistant to Speed Decrease

Possible Hybrids: Uintolasmus (Legendary)(+Brontolasmus)