I think para lux should be able to be placed in sanctuaries. It’s so hard to find in the wild and it makes one of the best hybrids in the game. I know I can raid for the para hybrid but having the extra para lux DNA would be very helpful in leveling up its hybrid.


I saw one the 1st night they bought it out & none since. Given I see standard paras during the day where I am, would’ve thought I’d see more.

Estimate 2 - 5 sightings per week if you’re actively driving to hunt. I’ve not seen ParaLux outside of area/zone 1 or 2 over the last 3 months & never in my residential area. Usually spawns at intersections, on a small side road alongside my route or, rarely, on a quiet stretch between supply drops. Honestly hope this helps you locate Para more often as I don’t imagine the Sanc option will be visited any time soon.

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I would like this feature, and it does make sense since it’s not a Hybrid itself. Especially so since I haven’t seen one in over a month.

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same here. I cannot remember the last time of have seen one.

@Ned could you talk to the team about making para lux able to be placed in sanctuaries?

Better just make it an epic

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Please no
Para Lux is better as legendary

I agree. If it was an epic it would not even be that unique. What makes para lux unique is the fact that it’s the only dartable legendary.

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And you only get one stage o hybrid.For example, parasauthops is made up of a hybrid and a legendary non hybrid.

But should it be epic

The whole point of para lux is that it is legendary. That’s what makes it special. So there’s no reason to change its rarity.
Also no creature in this game has ever changed rarity from what I remember.

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Hey Landon_Hupp, I can definitely bring it up with our team. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to be allowed to place ParaLux in the Sanctuary. An Epic gives 19 one time, 114 a day. Think about how much you get? 80 - 90, maybe.

Better solution is to increase it’s Spawn rate.

Not that much hard to find, atleast in my case. I travel around a lot.

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why not just decrease the amount of DNA you can get from para lux. In the sanctuary to not make it as much as an epic

That’s what I am talking about.

I think this should definitely happen if the gamepress teaser is right and we are getting a para lux apex hybrid


Don’t let this threads die when the higher ups claimed to listen now. We need more Para Lux than ever now it’s hybrids put the craze for Carno DNA to shame. Asides from sancs I don’t think a ridiculously low spawn rate would hurt to make it a scentable global anytime spawn


Hi Ned, can you tell your team to increase the spawn rate for paralux? thnks

Not increase change it to global and scentable. That should be enough for all to dart it.