Paramoloch... and you thought Stegoceratops was unfair?

I thought Stegotops was annoying with stuns of 10, 33, 75%. Now in the upper Marshes i’m dealing with Paramoloch with stuns of 20, 75, priority 75%! … with a hit and run to boot! Now THAT’S something to truly whine about. My stegodeus got slapped around like 5 times and only got in 1 small hit, for shield, then he was gone lol.

I also agree this is too much for a play, it can literally stun all the way and run, whether u stun others or being stunned, is just not fun.

That may have been me. Ive been play testing Para and I like her but she can be a liability at times

Love paramoloch has always had a place on my team scince I got her and only failed me a few times.

Indominus and monomimus yawn when they see her. :wink:


Mine is lvl 20 but I don’t use it cause relying on stun RNG has burnt me way too much in this game!

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I don’t see them much in my battles but my gf is in Sorna and I watched her fight one the other day. I was just sitting there like, “What is this dino?!” I didn’t realize it could be such a pest until then.

Yes, they don’t show up to often. They are good but they are not game changers.

Friendly battle last night with the hubby. Paramoloch and stegocerotops 1st out. His steg never got a turn, it was actually pretty funny. Maybe one…I’m still on the fence with a bunch of styg DNA with who to level up. Trag seems like it would be ther better long term choice? I still use stegocerotops, not sure how long before it gets replaced.

Paramoloch is alot better than it used to be and more and more people are using her. I can’t stand trag tho it’s so annoying in battle.