Paramoloch counter

How do u deal with Paramoloch if u don’t face it from start without an immune. Even u can swap out with one u lose 2 turns, and it can run away and come back again to face another of yours.
The stunning effect seems too high in my opinion.

You just need a creature faster than him and a bit of luck.

IF you face a slower opponent you can chain beats. If you face a rival faster you will be hit until you kill him … if in addition to faster he has a shield (tragodistis) he does not have much to do.

My para never double stunned. Should happen more than half the time. I had to bench it just wouldn’t work.
Anyway immunity is nice and a slow and rampage usually does the trick.

Immunity surely do the job, but slow down speed also kind of useless as paramoloch can continue stun and just run away.
Must find one that has “stun reflector”…
Met this many times and very lucky can hit back, but almost all matches i had it has the ability n enough move to run away and come back again.